About Me

About Me
Biking over the harbour bridge in Auckland, Tamaki Makaurau, 30th May 2021
  • Initiated and implemented Europe's first real-time hydraulic transient system for water networks (Thames Water) using an API integration for pressure meters and flow rates.
  • Prize winner of the three hackathons I've entered (Anthropic Hackathon - Third Place, Christchurch Climathon - Joint winner & Kaikoura NZTA Challenge - people’s choice award).
  • Ex Optibus (Transport Unicorn)
  • Good at building bridges (both figuratively and literally).
  • Ex CEO and co-founder of Thought Saver
  • Built promptme to evaluate your prompting skills
  • Built FLEXSTA - after spending a lot of time working remotely with a suboptimal work setup I designed and built my own and it turned out I wasn't the only one who wanted it!

Hello, it’s me, Flo! I am an eternal optimist working to make the world a better place.

Starting with learning how to learn most effectively because I think the world could do with some more wisdom.

I’ve been an engineer, agile coach, and entrepreneur. I love when people challenge my thinking and encourage me to be better.

I am originally from Aotearoa, New Zealand, but I’ve also spent time living in the UK, France, and Madagascar (okay, only 6 weeks), but it was still formative!

Where is Flo now?

I am currently located in London!

I can be a little mysterious to locate, I don’t particularly enjoy feeling “stuck” in a particular location, and I enjoy the freedom of moving to where I wish. Perhaps it’s my desire for a certain amount of novelty in my life; perhaps it’s my obsessive desire for growth and exploration. I dislike the idea of feeling like I have “stagnated,” and so I am continuously searching to push myself and keep growing, uncovering more about myself.

Although perhaps one day, I will find a location I am happy with!

Who is Flo?

Let me tell you; I am still learning this myself! I like to think of it as an ever-evolving journey.

Self Reported Personality

I am convinced that this is highly biased as it’s just based on me filling out the form on one particular occasion. I plan to improve on the accuracy of my “personality test” by allowing myself to add additional inputs over time so that I can Bayesian update my personality, and I can then also track those changes over time (month by month). Watch this space!

Try out my new tool that builds up a model of your personality based on your and your friend's opinions.

Things That Make Flo Smile

Many of these things revolve around learning about myself and the world paired with progress and curiosity. Some of those things for me are…

  • my daily run + listening to a podcast or audiobook that makes me think about new ideas
  • going on long runs / micro-adventures with friends like this one
  • conversations with friends, new or old, that make me feel deeply connected
  • meeting new people, especially with different perspectives I haven’t encountered
  • exploring places on a bicycle + great public transport
  • making the world a better place!
  • chocolate

📞 Contact Me

Think we’d get along? Book a time to chat! I love meeting new people; I am sure it’d be a delight to get to know you! Just add a little message about why you think we'd get along.

Do you have a specific question? - send me an email. Something you want to ask me? Do you think we could collaborate on something?

Give me Anonymous Feedback - I want to make sure that people always feel that they can give feedback. I think feedback is invaluable to being more perceptive of who you are. Ideally, feedback can be given directly, but sometimes circumstances mean it’s not possible. In light of this, and keeping in mind that I am still a sensitive human being, I'd love it if you could give me feedback (with some radical candor)!