Who Is Flo?

In year six, I vividly remember my teacher talking to our class about global poverty and explaining how many people lived in extreme poverty around the world, struggling with basics like clean water and food. She suggested we were all in the top 1% of the wealth in the world, just from being born into our respective families. From the age of 10, this moment has stuck with me because it gave me a perspective of my privilege and a sense of responsibility to help others who didn't roll the same dice as me. It has driven me to consider how I can make the world a better place; after all, it's only chance that we are who we are.

Diverse Opinions / Decision Authority

I think one way to make a better society is to have increased diversity in positions of authority and decision-making so that people from all walks of life are represented. This makes sense, and plenty of studies show decision-making is more effective with diverse team members, leading to better decision outcomes. As a privileged female, I believe I have the opportunity to represent females while providing a helping hand to people from diverse backgrounds to be heard.

Why Wisdom Matters

If you have put yourself into a position of decision authority, you have a moral obligation to do your best to make good decisions for the collective of humanity. I think having knowledge about the world and the possible outcomes and implications of your decisions is imperative. You won't ever be 100% sure of an outcome, but I believe one should do their best to increase their wisdom to improve the impact their decisions have on society.

Technological Progress

As we see the ever-increasing trajectory of technology in society, I think it's crucial that we also increase our individual wisdom, not just those with greater decision authority. This perspective has taken me on a path of learning to grow my wisdom and help others do the same. I have been learning how to learn, retain and apply ideas most effectively, which is where Thought Saver was born. I want to increase my wisdom alongside the collective wisdom of individuals in society so that we can all make better decisions for humanity's future to flourish.

So what is Thought Saver?

The world is growing its technological capabilities rapidly, yet learning hasn't kept pace. Many of us still seek wisdom through reading blog posts (a 25-year-old technology) and books (which were used thousands of years ago).

I found myself consuming so much content yet not retaining the essential parts I wanted, nor the thoughts and ideas they conjured.

We are solving this problem by making saving your thoughts a choice. Thought Saver (which you can try here: https://www.thoughtsaver.com) is an intelligent flashcard app that helps lifelong learners effortlessly capture and remember valuable ideas you want to put into action through relating ideas to your life and reviewing this content.